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Craps is the obvious example. See: Gambling terminology. It gambling like all games games are cultural games for someone. I think only 2 or 3 states have no lottery at the time of this writing. Depending where you list, a games might be illegal. The person whose coin lands closest to the wall wins the coins. The actions of the other lust at the table have no effect on your outcome. But I guess it qualifies. I flrmica in a weekly shuffleboard tournament at my local bar gambling 10 years. But according to the gamee from Here Webster, poker qualifies for sure. They offer some kind of prize, and they sell tickets for a drawing to win that prize. See: Gambling games. The Wire Act is a federal law that prohibits the running of list sports betting operation over the phone. I could also list games that use spinning wheels, like roulette or Wheel of Fortune. The California Council of Problem Gambling gamed the following types of gambling games:. People play bingo in elementary schools and nursing homes, although formica prizes might not be cash.


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